About me

My name is Melissa Grainger and I live in Auckland, New Zealand but spend part of my time in the beautiful Sydney, Australia.

What do I do?
I help people reduce stress in their relationships with Connected Coaching.

I specialise in helping others transform their relationships by becoming people experts and developing a next-level understanding of human behaviour and advanced communication skills in order to become more successful in their work, home and social lives.

I’ve helped thousands of people, teams and businesses transform their personal and professional relationships with my Connected Coaching.

Why do I do it?
I created the business Inspire Affect out of a passion for helping people improve the relationship they have with themselves (the voice in their head) and others (the important people in their lives) so that they live a life they love.

How can I help you?
If you would like to transform your relationships and become a people expert, talk to me about any of the following:

  • Team-building workshops
  • Connected Relationship coaching
  • Public speaking engagements

Want to work with me? Let’s chat!

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