About me

My name is Melissa Grainger and I live in Auckland, New Zealand but spend part of my time in the beautiful Sydney, Australia.

My passion is helping others and my goal in life is I want the world to be better because I was here.

I am now a DOTS Precognitive Communication training facilitator working for Consultz International Pty Ltd, and I am absolutely loving my chance to change people’s lives every day.

“You can change your world by changing your words.” – Joel Osteen.

Coming from a background of communication and stakeholder liaison in the industry of road maintenance, the new path I have taken in helping others to be able to communicate effectively with anyone in their lives, both professional and personal, has completely changed my life.

What is DOTS? DOTS is a simple but very effective communication tool that allows you to quickly predict someone’s thinking and behavioural strategies. We have people in NZ and Australia who are licensed to deliver the 1 day Get Dotted training programme. Check out http://www.dotscommunication.com

Why have I joined the DOTS team? Because out of everything I have been involved with in my life, helping others seems to be the most rewarding work I’ve done. Being able to communicate well with everyone you meet (not just the ones you get along with), to be understood, and to be able to respond in a way that others understand is a skill that is quite often unrecognised and under-valued, but has the ability to change a persons life (and those around them).

If I can help organisations and individuals to change their world through the way they communicate, then I’m doing a job worth working for.


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