The Importance Of Taking Your Time

When life is going good it’s easy to see the beauty in everything.

We tend to bounce around feeling great, taking time to smell the flowers 🌷 or rejoicing in how wonderful the sunshine ☀️ feels.

But what happens when life isn’t so great? 🤔

Don’t we all tend to dwell on the negative? We complain about what’s going wrong, how annoyed we are and simple things like sunshine and flowers tend to get forgotten…

But isn’t that when we really need them the most?

So do yourself a favour – no matter how life is going for you right now, take some time to stop and look around with an open and appreciative mind.

I promise you’ll find beauty everywhere you go if you just take the time to look 💙

The words above are what came into my head when walking through the Riverhead Forrest early last Saturday morning.

While out helping the locals search for a lost dog in the Forrest, I realised how infrequently I actually pay attention to and appreciate my surroundings…

Because I was taking the time to thoroughly look through the trees while searching for this beautiful dog, I became mesmerized by every little detail around me. The sound of the birds, the smell of the grass, the stream of light bursting through the trees, even the dew droplets clinging to the branches – it was magical!

And it was right there and then that I made a pledge to myself – to do this more often.

To take some time out for myself at least once a week and do nothing but appreciate everything around me – no matter how I’m feeling at the time.

And who knows where it will take me!

Let’s appreciate the beauty with this world and everyone in it, and let me know your thoughts – I’d love to hear them.

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