Life rewards those who invest in themselves

Do you spend a lot of money investing in areas of your life that see little return?

Buying clothes? Going places? Drinks with friends? Food?

Don’t get me wrong, these things definitely give us some satisfaction, but it is usually short lived (as soon as all of my pizza is gone I miss it…)

But how often do you invest in YOURSELF? Particularly in a way that is going to see long term benefits?

beaninvestmentSomething that struck me the other day was:

“If you empty your wallet into your mind, your mind will fill up your wallet.”

For so many years I have been stuck in the cycle of working to have the ability to buy stuff, spending all of my money, and then working some more.

Not the most rewarding way to live right?

So how did I get out of that rut? I started to invest in myself – my mind.

invest in yourself 3The old saying “the more you learn, the more you earn”.

For me, that didn’t mean going back to University and spending more of my hard earned money on the wrong things. It meant finding what I wanted to know more about, and learning from those who had mastered it.

I started getting business coaching from a successful business owner.

I started reading books on interesting subjects written by successful people.

And I started getting over my fear of sounding like a salesperson, and telling people about how I can teach them the skills that I’ve learnt, in order to help them invest in themselves.

Some of the most rewarding time and money you can spend, is on investing in yourself – your future – and we don’t do it enough.

If you want to change that, I can help!

Send me a message to find out how, or get involved in my next event here

I do still like to invest in pizza every now and again though…

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