A post from the past –¬†February 15, 2010.

Freedom, a word that just popped into my head when I was asked how I felt now that I’ve finished University, but I’m not quite sure why?

When I finished high school, my friends and I told anyone who would listen “we’re free!! no more school!!” and for a second I truly believed this..

But then I went straight to University, I never thought twice about doing anything else, and I found myself in a similar situation: teachers, students, assignments, exams… not quite the freedom I’d hoped.

And yet here I am again thinking that just because I’ve finished something I worked really hard at and spent many years on, that I am ‘free’ now that I have the grades and I’m going to graduate.

Yet yesterday I started working full-time, and again I find myself struggling to feel the so called ‘freedom’ I thought I had. No longer am I driven by assignments and grades, but now I hunger for money and progression, a real spot in the world. Am I stuck in this cycle of completing one task simply to start on another?

Maybe freedom is never really achieved. I can never see myself being completely free of everything? Not needing money, or a car, or food.. but who is to say what freedom really is? Does freedom mean being freed from the constraints life imposes on us?

Or can I make my own definition of freedom and simply be happy where I am, and that I have the choice to keep completing these tasks or not. Can that be my freedom?

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